Webinars & Conference Calls

Webinars & Conference Calls

Below you will find Karlyn’s best webinars and training calls. The conference (Audio) calls will be indexed with their reference numbers so you can access that particular call via any computer, smart device or landline.

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712-770-5506 | Pin: 658-057 #

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Karlyn’s Story: Click o Listen Full With 501c3 (Ref# 1)

Special “K” Training: Click to Listen (Ref# 4)
Eddie B’s 12 Success Factors:
Click to Listen (Ref# 5)

Advantage Dollars Training and How it All Works! Click to Listen (Ref# 10)
Karlyn: Putting The Fun Back into Your Biz:
Click Here (Ref# 12)

Creative Marketing and Drop Cards:
Idea…Stop Selling and Start Sharing!
Click Here to listen to the call now… (Ref# 14)
Pre-Christmas Webinar/Call: Click Here to Watch (Ref# 15)
How to Build a Successful Business:
Click Here to Listen… (Ref# 16)
1st 2016 Call – Growing Your Business:
Click Here to Listen… (Ref# 17)

Forms and Prospecting Site: Click Here to Listen (Ref# 18)
Connect The Dots:
Click Here to Listen (Ref# 19)
7 Steps to an Effective Pipeline:
Click Here to Listen (Ref# 24)

Using Mela Certificates to Shop: Click Here to Listen (Ref# 25)
Audio Training PS3 Tracking Form:
Click Here to Listen… (Ref# 26)

Quit or Try Harder: Click Here to Listen… (Ref# 27)

(New) PS3 Text Marketing: Click Here to Listen… (Ref# 43)

Accountability Call: Click Here to Listen… (Ref# 45)


2 Reasons I Like Melaleuca Products

IMG_0108There are a lot of reasons why I like Melaleuca products, but allow me to cite two really good personal reasons.

Karlyn and I are dog lovers. Karlyn enjoys Cockatiel birds as well. We have a bird whom is affectionately named Pretty Bird. Pretty Bird is a dirty bird. Karlyn rescued her from the wild and Pretty Bird learned some really bad habits like, spraying you if she doesn't like you and when our dog Jazz irritates her she will let "the you know what" fly.

Because of her bad and obnoxious habits I'm always mopping the tile floor to get her defensive pooh off the floor. I use Tub N Tile and sometimes Sol-U-Mel to get the floor under her cage spic and span.

Melaleuca products in no way harms our "Baby-Girl Jazz" or "Pretty Bird" like other harsh cleaners could. I can clean the area around the bird and know she will not be harmed and if Jazz sniffs around the cage she is protected as well.

Just two reasons I like Melaleuca products!

10-2015_Jazz 10-2015_PrettyBird




[ You Are Here: http://acausetoshare.org ]


We do have A Cause To Share… We were green when green was just a color. This site is dedicated to you, our team associates. This site has been created to make sure you are always informed, educated and in the know.

We look forward to assisting you with your mentoring and coaching needs. We provide free training every Monday at 6pm PST. Check us out – click here.

Are YOU one yet?

All new posts are located in the right margins of any page. Education is one sure way to stay sharp. Check out Karlyn’s On Demand archived radio shows at BizTipsRadio.com . Listen when the time is right for you!

Karlyn’s K-Tip: Challenge yourself to move beyond obstacles and to not dwell on them! 

In life, work, social events or when dealing with other people you may find yourself faced with challenges, difficulty or things may occur that are out of your control. Challenge yourself to seek out solutions that work in everyone’s favor. Actively  implement them to move beyond those obstacles and to not dwell upon them! 

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We, along with your enrollers, are very excited that you are part of our team. We look forward to assisting you in building a business that will benefit you and your family for a lifetime. We know it’s possible because we did it. Stephan has been retired since 1999…

Wishing you much success,

Karlyn & Stephan
“A Cause To Share Team”
Find Karlyn: (951) 743-2475
Find Stephan: (951) 743-2471

How to Start a Movement…


Watch Frank, CEO of Melaleuca, Inc
just kill the row competition against
people half his age! Testament to great

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Media Center


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(641) 712-770-5506  |  Pin: 658-057 #
Ref# 91 (Full Version 18 mins.) | Without 501c3: Ref # 92 (14 mins.)

Melaleuca and Nature…

Melaleuca and Nature…

Watch these interesting video’s below and see the essence of Melaleuca…

Watch This. Melaleuca and Mother Nature…

The Truth About Melaleuca…

Interested in learning more
Get with the person who led you here or call Karlyn after 10am PST at: (951) 743-2475

Product Catalogs

Product Catalogs

Click Catalog to Visit Melaleuca’s Catalog Page…


Benefits of shopping early with Melaleuca… Beyond the savings!

IheartShoppingBenefits of shopping early…

1). The month you enroll complete you're "Learn to Earn" videos. It takes less than 20 minutes to get all $100 in Loyalty Shopping Dollars into your account.

2). Once you place your minimum 35 point order in month two, you can shop for products of your choice using $40 of Loyalty Shopping Dollars. (If you don't use it all, you don't lose it, it just rolls over and saves into your Loyalty account).

3). In month 3 when you place your minimum 35 point order, an additional $20 Loyalty Shopping Dollars credit is available for your use.

4). In order to maintain your free Loyalty shopping dollars credits, you need to place an order online or via phone prior to the last day of the month.

  • Important Note: If an order is not placed by month's end and a backup order is shipped to you, this can negate your Loyalty shopping dollars credit.

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Thought For The Week: Challenge Yourself…

In life, work, social events or when dealing with other people you may find yourself faced with challenges, difficulties, misunderstandings, or things may occur that are out of your control.

Challenge yourself to creatively seek out solutions that work in everyone's favor. Actively implement them to move beyond those obstacles and to not dwell upon them!

~ Karlyn ~

Make a Splash

About 7 years ago Stephan and I put a site together that helped people to better understand better, healthier and safer for you and your family products.

This site is dedicated to assisting anyone who is interested in green products and wondering if working from home is a good choice for you?

You can do some fun things:

1. Go Shopping
2. See if working from home makes financial sense with our calculator.

Here's the site address so you can check it out:

PS. At the top of every page Stephan inserted a link for you as well…

Have fun!


Healthy Dogs

Boy, do we ever love dogs in our society. According to "Time Magazine" in the last fifteen Dogsyears "the amount of money spent on pets in the U.S. jumped from $17 billion to $43 billion." I would expect that trend to continue as us "baby boomers" continue to age, and our pets become more and more important companions to us. But we need to learn how to care for our little friends without rushing out to the vet every time there's a minor health challenge. And thus, the topic of this week's newsletter.

I sincerely hope this information will be helpful to you or someone you know.

Richard M. Barry

Healthy Dogs

Your dog is a member of the family that ages faster than his human companions. You've probably heard that one dog year equals 7 years. While dogs do age faster than humans, the 7 year rule is not quite accurate. This article charts the conversion. To help understand the difference this point is made: A one year old dog is sexually mature and can reproduce. A seven year old child is still very much a child. Looking at the chart you will note that in just a few years your pup is middle aged and quickly becoming a senior. Aging dogs can suffer from heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, conditions that are made worse with obesity. But what are some of the most common ailments that might affect your pet? This site lists the top 5 ailments as ear infections, skin allergies, hot spots, vomiting and diarrhea. Helping your pet maintain a healthy weight, a healthy immune system, and keeping him well groomed is recommended as preventive care.

If you would like to look at products for your pet that are better, healthier and safer, then click here. Interested? I can be contacted at (951) 743-2475 .

Posted By: Karlyn