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StefKarlA Summary About Karlyn and Stephan:

Karlyn owns with Stephan, NU-REJIME, a Skin Care and Cosmetic Company that her and Stephan operate today. They sell, market and manufacture specialty natural-botanical cosmetics. One of their products that has become a game changer in the cosmetic world is Lipstick Sealer that was sold in Nordstrom stores in the early 90’s. Today Karlyn has reformulated it and continues to sell this product to salons and private consumers. In 1998 Karlyn and Stephan started an online marketing company, TidalWave2000. TidalWave assisted sales people in the network marketing industry in learning how to leverage the internet to grow and market their businesses globally. In 2000 Karlyn and Stephan created The Trends2000 Training Center. Trends2000 provides free coaching, training and marketing ideas and concepts for small business entrepreneurs!

Karlyn enjoyed success in many companies to name a few Amway, Avon, Tupperware, Fullerbrush, AmeriPlan, Princess House, Mary Kay, and Aloette Cosmetics, where she ranked third in the nation for sales and recruiting. Karlyn has enjoyed a high level of success in the sales industry. She earned 3 pink Cadillac’s in four years in the pink car company. Sold over $29,800.00 of products in less than 30 days, over her kitchen table, without a car in a company that was 13 years old in Canada and only five years in California. She walked off with their Queen of sales and Queen of recruiting trophies in her first 30 days of business with them. Then working with another company, she built an organization in the multiple thousands in only 18 months; generating a healthy six figure monthly income.

Karlyn went on to create her own system for all to use. She showed others how to create multiple streams of income and how to intelligently diversify their incomes. Karlyn has been actively involved in the Network Marketing and The Direct Sales Industry since 1976. Karlyn trains, consults, coaches and motivates small business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. and globally to be all that they can be and provides them with the practical tools to succeed. You can visit The Trends2000 Training Center that Karlyn Co-Founded with Stephan by Clicking Here.

Karlyn has a very unique training style and makes what may seem difficult – possible! She is a problem solver and extremely creative. She knows how to turn lemons into lemonade. Visit Karlyn’s LinkedIn profile for a detailed list of her experiences. Many sales professionals hire Karlyn as a personal consultant to enhance their personal business and sales skills.

If your interested in talking with Karlyn about how you can hire her as your personal consultant, please contact her at (951) 743-2475 after 10 am PST.

In 2010 Karlyn wanted to reach a wider audience so, she decided to start her own radio show, “Biz Tips With The Biz Pro” on the BlogTalkRadio Network. You can listen to her On Demand shows that are archived at this site: http://biztipsradio.com .

A word about Stephan… Stephan has been involved in the sales and marketing industry since 1984. He has owned multiple companies and his experiences range from Insurance, Financial and Estate Planning, Newspaper Shopper Magazine Management and has been actively involved in Network Marketing since 1999.

Stephan provides the back-end support that Karlyn, the team and Trends2000 Training Center needs to operate successfully. Stephan is task oriented and very organized and is a “get it done” business manager. Visit Stephan’s LinkedIn profile here for a detailed list of his experiences.

What Drives Us:

We want everyone who is associated with us to win and win in a big way. We truly are dedicated to the success of all team associates!

How to Contact Us:

003220-green-jelly-icon-media-ipod1Call or Text Karlyn: (951) 743-2475 (After 10am PST)
Call or Text Stephan: (951) 743-2471 (After 10am PST)

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