2 Reasons I Like Melaleuca Products

IMG_0108There are a lot of reasons why I like Melaleuca products, but allow me to cite two really good personal reasons.

Karlyn and I are dog lovers. Karlyn enjoys Cockatiel birds as well. We have a bird whom is affectionately named Pretty Bird. Pretty Bird is a dirty bird. Karlyn rescued her from the wild and Pretty Bird learned some really bad habits like, spraying you if she doesn't like you and when our dog Jazz irritates her she will let "the you know what" fly.

Because of her bad and obnoxious habits I'm always mopping the tile floor to get her defensive pooh off the floor. I use Tub N Tile and sometimes Sol-U-Mel to get the floor under her cage spic and span.

Melaleuca products in no way harms our "Baby-Girl Jazz" or "Pretty Bird" like other harsh cleaners could. I can clean the area around the bird and know she will not be harmed and if Jazz sniffs around the cage she is protected as well.

Just two reasons I like Melaleuca products!

10-2015_Jazz 10-2015_PrettyBird


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