Benefits of shopping early with Melaleuca… Beyond the savings!

IheartShoppingBenefits of shopping early…

1). The month you enroll complete you're "Learn to Earn" videos. It takes less than 20 minutes to get all $100 in Loyalty Shopping Dollars into your account.

2). Once you place your minimum 35 point order in month two, you can shop for products of your choice using $40 of Loyalty Shopping Dollars. (If you don't use it all, you don't lose it, it just rolls over and saves into your Loyalty account).

3). In month 3 when you place your minimum 35 point order, an additional $20 Loyalty Shopping Dollars credit is available for your use.

4). In order to maintain your free Loyalty shopping dollars credits, you need to place an order online or via phone prior to the last day of the month.

  • Important Note: If an order is not placed by month's end and a backup order is shipped to you, this can negate your Loyalty shopping dollars credit.

5). A secret to placing your order. All customers ordering by the 15th of the month (Who meet the monthly minimum points) receive 10% back in their advantage/loyalty dollars account.

6). All Preferred Customers (PC's) receive this benefit… Loyalty dollars serve as an advantage to all PC's. Once a PC has placed their 35 minimum product order for the month, they can use them to shop for products needed.

7). For those customers who set up a monthly 75 points minimum order, receive 15% back in advantage dollars when shopping by the 10th of the month!

\\o// Yeah!

~ Karlyn ~

Call Me at (951) 743-2475 (after 10am PST)



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