Healthy Dogs

Boy, do we ever love dogs in our society. According to "Time Magazine" in the last fifteen Dogsyears "the amount of money spent on pets in the U.S. jumped from $17 billion to $43 billion." I would expect that trend to continue as us "baby boomers" continue to age, and our pets become more and more important companions to us. But we need to learn how to care for our little friends without rushing out to the vet every time there's a minor health challenge. And thus, the topic of this week's newsletter.

I sincerely hope this information will be helpful to you or someone you know.

Richard M. Barry

Healthy Dogs

Your dog is a member of the family that ages faster than his human companions. You've probably heard that one dog year equals 7 years. While dogs do age faster than humans, the 7 year rule is not quite accurate. This article charts the conversion. To help understand the difference this point is made: A one year old dog is sexually mature and can reproduce. A seven year old child is still very much a child. Looking at the chart you will note that in just a few years your pup is middle aged and quickly becoming a senior. Aging dogs can suffer from heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, conditions that are made worse with obesity. But what are some of the most common ailments that might affect your pet? This site lists the top 5 ailments as ear infections, skin allergies, hot spots, vomiting and diarrhea. Helping your pet maintain a healthy weight, a healthy immune system, and keeping him well groomed is recommended as preventive care.

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