My Product Testimonial

Here’s my first personal video I did to highlight my own personal experience with the Vitality Pack.

I combined my video with a company video and added the company brochure in the bulliten comment section right above my video.


Talk again soon,


PS. If you’d like just post in the comments section your video and comments. A great way to share one another’s video’s. Make sure to add your video YouTube link in your post!

2 thoughts on “My Product Testimonial

  1. You should do more videos like this, Karlyn! Why didn’t you embed the video here? Your blog would draw more viewers that way. Whenever you make your next vid, try to embed it here and promote it in some of your social networking sites. 😉


  2. Hi Rose!
    This is Stephan I manage Karlyn’s blogs for her. You’re right and I was going to, but I was so busy I went on to other things. Thanks for the encouragement! I will do it now.
    Oh ya, we will be doing one video a week like this as well. Just getting started. 🙂


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