Vitamin D Might Save Your Life

This week on the Dr. Oz Show he discussed and highlighted the need for vitamin D supplementation. Understanding why this is so vital to our well being could save your life!

In a review of worldwide vitamin D and major disease studies, researchersVitD estimated that by raising blood levels of vitamin D to 44 nanograms per milliliter of blood (ng/mL) from 20
ng/mL currently, annual worldwide deaths from major diseases would decrease by 20 percent, and increase average life expectancy by two years.

According to study authors, vitamin D lowers chances of-and increases longevity in-the five major disease groups that account for over half the world's mortality rates. These include cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, tuberculosis, and respiratory diseases and infections.

Doctors said to raise vitamin D levels, manufacturers should fortify foods, and people should take vitamin D supplements and get more sunlight.

III Re£erence: EuropeanJournalofClinical Nutrition; 2011
Sep, Vol.65,No.9,1016-26

On a personal note…

Karlyn and I utilize a good vitamin program for 50+ folks and supplement with extra vitamin D so we can increase our immune systems. This is very important as we age.

One more good reason to take a good nutritional product! Have questions? Contact the person who shared this site with you.

To read the complete information on viatmin D -  Vitamin D Health Info. Additional information can be found Download Info on US_Vitality PIB0808.

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